The Black In Full Colour – The Artist Talk

28th - 29th October 2022

Black in Full Colour – The Artist Talk 2022

After the success of last year ‘Black in Full Colour’ Exhibition at Woolwich Works, this year the Collective Makers are presenting the ‘Black in Full Colour – The Artist Talk 2022’ in partnership with Royal Greenwich Museums. 

The talk will bring various perspectives on the black contemporary art and how it’s shaping the future. The two day talk will bring an opportunity to expand the narrative around Black History within the arts and for the audience to engage with the themes. 

This event is a two day symposium taking place at the National Maritime Museum on the 28th 5.30 pm to 8 pm and 29th of October 1pm to 7 pm. inviting emerging and established artists, writers and curators to share their practice as well as sharing their perspectives on Black Representation in Contemporary Art to the Cultural Connection to the Waters.

Artists and Performers includes: 

Magero, Gaverne Bennett, Glory Sam Jolly, Jasmine Pierre,Lison Sabrina Musset, Chisara Agor, Dr.Hannah Catherine Jones, Alberta Whittle, Esi Eshun,Richard Mensah, Joseph Ijoyemi, Merissa Hylton, Othello De’Souza Hartley, Serge Attukwei Clotey and Koby Martin.

Main Host – BIPOC Host- Elisabeth Folarin

Friday 28th October – 5.30 to 8pm 

British Black Representation in Contemporary Art pre- colonisation/ Black Identity at that time  

Panelists – Gaverne Bennett, Glory Samjolly, Jasmine Pierre and Lison Musset

Performance – Spoken Words by Magero  

Saturday 29th October- 1pm to 7pm

Our Cultural Connection to the Waters 

Panelists – Dr.Hannah Catherine Jones Alberta Whittle, Esi Eshun,Richard Mensah

The legacy of black contemporary artists 

Panelists – Merissa Hylton, Joseph Ijoyemi and Koby Martin
Performance – Chisara Agor

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