SEEN Festival x TCM

TCM Library Exhibition at Downham Library
In Partnership with SEEN Lewisham Festival

10th-16th June

Downham Library, Downham Health and Leisure Centre 7-9 Moorside Road, Bromley BR1 5EP

Artist Line Up

William Kwaku Amo at the Downham Library  ‘Chasing Purpose’

William Kwaku Amo is a Ghanaian-born artist renowned for his captivating exploration of emotions, moments, African heritage, curiosity of humankind, and ideas through the prism of colour theory. Employing an action painting technique, Amo’s art style is characterised by its dynamic and expressive nature.Engaging in the process of making art transports Amo to different realms, inducing a trance-like state and rekindling the explosive energy of his youth.Over time, Amo’s artistic style has evolved, placing greater emphasis on symbolism and texture. These symbols serve as representations of his personal growth, deeper understanding of his African heritage and humanity.

IG: @amoxartz

‘Chasing Purpose’ 

“Chasing Purpose” captures the essence of the human experience and the yearning for a life that holds meaning and impact. This collection not only showcases the beauty of artistic expression but also challenges viewers to examine their own values, passions, and dreams, inspiring them to embark on their own personal odyssey towards purpose and fulfilment.

Digital Artists: 

Tobi Sobowale

Tobi Sobowale is a British-Nigerian photographer based in London. Inspired by her Yoruba heritage and upbringing in South London, she redefines black beauty and reclaims the perception of identity through portraiture to rewrite the narrative of representation in commercial beauty and fashion spaces. She received Bachelor and Master degrees in Architecture, which heavily influence her storytelling and perspective of reclaiming space through imagery.

Project Statement: 

Like Water. A hair and beauty concept inspired by West African traditional hairstyles and the shape and movement of water.


Project Statement: 

Like Water. A hair and beauty concept inspired by West African traditional hairstyles and the shape and movement of water.


Dav3 aka G3negraphy 

24 year old Nigerian artist,poet, photographer and creative director based in southeast London. 

I’m not one for giving philosophical meaning to my work, I would rather see my work through the perspective of others that way makes my work humanised by giving it the ability to adapt to any narrative rather than being trapped by the narrative of the artist. If I was to describe my work in one phrase it will be  *I don’t create art for the masses. The masses are the art*

IG: g3negraphy

Ashley Straker

Ashley Straker is a London-based Digital Artist & Illustrator. Born in the UK with a caribbean background, (Barbados & Montserrat) he creates empowering digital paintings through his personal experiences, such as African and Caribbean.

Ashley uses various influences such as fashion and spirituality; he creates a unique visual style with bold vibrant colours and patterns mixed with realistic paintings. His clients include Samsung, Harper Collins, BBC and Premiere league.

His personal art is a visual affirmation that promotes positive representation for women.

IG: @ashleystraker

INSTAGRAM: @ashleystraker

Jerome McDonald

Jerome McDonald studied at the University of Northampton leaving with a Diploma in Games Art in 2017. Since then he has experimented in fields from music production and graphic design to events. After studying anatomy he began making art based on psychology, mythology and personal ideas. He joined the Royal Drawing School in 2021 where he came into contact with ink and pastels and has been able to explore the depths of his culture and the duality of being Black British. 

April Alexander